amba Seifenmanufaktur meets Gespänsterwald


The company Gespänsterwald has designed and manufactured our wonderful packaging.

amba Seifenmanufaktur meets Werkhaus


We have been friends with Werkhaus for many years. They design and manufacture displays, shop fittings, market stalls and much more for us. But that's not all, they can do it differently. Take a look around the Werkhaus website.

amba Seifenmanufaktur meets Kraus && Kraus

Kraus & Kraus

Since many years we are connected with Hans-Peter Kraus as freind and as our coach.
Hans Peter Kraus: "There are always more possibilities than you think."

amba Seifenmanufaktur meets Leschi


The Leschis and his other fellows are  the sweetest ones

we know.

amba Seifenmanufaktur meets Auroville


UNESCO urban development project in southern India, with which we have been associated for many years.
We regularly have some products manufactured there - e.g. our granite soap trays...