„He came, he saw, she won“

She - 1998, in a market, she discovered the soap stand of a friend who made her own soaps.

The scents were so fascinating that it wouldn't let them go. They aroused memories of her childhood,

when she often spendtime in her grandfather's nursery not only in the hammock, but also helped to grow

flowers an herbs. She saw them grow up and smell lovely.

She found the soaps and fragrances and the creativity that could be shop making soaps so fascinating

that she started making soap together with her friend. In 2001 they sold their own soaps at a stand at the Christmas market in Sophienstraße in Berlin, which exuded such a wonderful scent


He - who also had a stand there with meditation cushions, couch cushions, cushions in the form of a dolphin

or a cat and many more filled with organic spelt fur, organic buckwheat and organic millet filling,

approached them.
They exchanged goods - wonderfully fragrant soaps for a dolphin cushion

She - with a heavy heart - stopped working with her friend after the Christmas market, but her passion for soap

making and fragrances remained.

She continued resolutely. She researched, tried, explored the effect of essential oils and produced soaps according to the old tradition of the cold stirred process.

In summer 2002 she had found her style, created her own recipes and was ready to sell the soaps.

It had its first market stand on the Winterfeldtplatz in Berlin and...

He - had a stand there, whereupon they came into conversation again and he learned that...


She - now makes the soap in her own soap kitchen and reinterprets the old art of soap making.

She - captivated him with her own scents, so that...

He and she had a Christmas market with two stalls......

a soap and a cushion stand

Together they founded the amba Seifenmanufaktur.


It came to this:

2003 - Production of Bathing Honey and Bathing Salt

Everybody knows bath salt. However, we wanted to do something different from what already existed.

We have added essential oils to the good mineral-rich Himalayan salt.

Another idea was the honey baths. Smelling honey is extraordinary but was an obvious thing to do.

Because honey is a moisturizer and one of the oldest skin care products we know.

So we tried, tested and produced. The first batch went away like delicious honey and has been an

integral part of our production ever since.

Since 2005 – Production of  skin care and massage oils and Airsprays.

If you produce on your own, new ideas never end. So we developed the skin care and massage oils.

Naturally with the best oils (from organic growing) for the skin and with compositions of fragrances,

which are  beguiling and seductive for the senses. 
The air sprays deserve only the best, organic premium alcohol and the great fragrance creations of our nose "Günter".

2006 - own mould construction

We had soap shapes before, but then we did some research and tried again.

The result is our soap moulds, which we have been building ourselves ever since.

​2003 - Mrs. Lot "Soap on the Rope"

So in 2007 the magazine "Texte zur Kunst" (Texts for Art) discovered us.

We were commissioned to produce the form of Frau Lot, which the artist Mike Kelly had designed

as "Soap on the Rope" as a contribution to "Skulptur Projekte Münster 07".

Shown as an illustration in issue 67 September 2007 (texts on art/editions).see under Press) more ....

​​​​​2009 - Production of After Shave, Perfume Oils, and Saunainfusions 

As we are busy sauna-goers, we were literally fed up with the occasionally questionable scents,

which unfortunately are often used in the sauna.

The decision to oppose this led us to make sauna infusions ourselves, of course natural naturally of course ....

That's exactly how we see it with After Shave. These are also mostly purely synthetic products.

2011 - Producing perfumes

We have been working on perfumes since 2006.

The result was the perfume oils and since 2011 also the eau de parfums.
So far we have not only designed individual fragrance creations for soap manufacturers,

but also for other companies such as skin care studios, hotels and private customers...more

Still we have new ideas. We extend our product range all the time and constantly create new fragrances.

On request we produced a lot of individual perfumes.

Also we flavoured salt with essential oils and created compositions of fragrances

for skin care studios, hotels etc..

Our passion and the creativity for new, extraordinary compositions of fragrances, we feel,

will never leave us not least because of our customers.

Ideas are still bubbling over, new products are being created and our product range is constantly expanding.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers, who have encouraged us time and again in difficult times to continue and stay with it, just like a customer we would like to quote here:


 „Keep up the good work, quality always wins out"