amba Quality

"keeps one´s nose clean"



All amba-Products are pure natural products. They are produced produced according to the rules fo the art and with much love. Therefore they are particularly gentle to your skin.

Our special attention we pay to the quality of the raw materials. We exclusively process organic vegetable raw materials which are mostly from controlled oraganix cultivation.

Of course we are not testing our products on animals.

We process exclusively real natural fragrances (100% natural essential oils), organic oils, and bio premium alcohol.

amba products are handmade with 100% reneable raw materials, also they do not contain any artifical additives.

All the compositions of the fragrances are designed and produced by us.


Because we give special attention to the quality, it is clear that the following guys have to stay out of our products: 

  • synthetic fragrances

  • synthetic frothing agent

  • synthetic colours

  • artificial preservatives

  • Paraffin, Silicone etc.

  • Mineral Oils

  • PEG´s - Polyethylenglycol come very innocent as cleaning substances and emulsifier and give all the shapoos, liquid soaps and shower gels a clean immage. But they have absolutely no clean hands, because they keep the skin permeable for harmful substances, just by the way of faking the caring effect they opnen the doors to the funcu´tions of the skin

  • Microplastic

      Our raw materials and products:

  • The vegetable oils

       For the soap processing we only use vegetable oils which are cold pressed from controlled organic cultivations.

        We make an exception for olive oil in the following cases:

        If we kow the olive farmer and know that the olives are not treated repeatedly or otherweise treated, but no

        certificate is available (which is usually not available with small olive farmers because certifications are very costly)

       This is not the case with the amba Aroma Skin care and Massageoils, these oils are containing

        only cold pressed vegetable oils from, controlled oraganic cultivation.

        They work well as massage oil, skin care and bathing oil.

  • The essential oils

       All our products are flavoured exclusively with 100 % natural real essential oils.

       Why exclusively essential oils?

       - because they are obtained from the fruits, parts of plants or flowers, living, pure natural products, they are 

          the "Soul of the plants" 

       - because the do not clogging in the nose  

       - because scents correspond directly with our lymbic system and our nervous system should not be

         unnecessarily irritated by artificial "messages".


  • The alcohol

       For our perfums and after shaves we only use "Biological-Premium Alcohol" which is denaturized (means not drinkable)

       with essential lavender oil from controlled organic farming.

       Since many years there are much experiences that organic alcohol has the lowest potential to irritate the skin compared

       with synthetic alcohol.

  • The honey and the salt

       The honey we use for the amba wellness honeybath is coming from controlled organic farming. 

       The salts for the amba wellness bathing-salts are: death sea salt and himalayasalt which is rich of minerals

       (of course not treated with additives or refined) .

  • The perfums and After Shaves

       For our perfumes and After Shaves we only use Biological premium alcohol which is pure alcohol (not synthetic alcohol,

       which is denaturized with organic essential lavenderoil. 

  • The sauna essence

       In the sauna we are extremely open and the skin the body´s largest organ is, it is very important to use good and pure

       essences. This we guarantee with our sauna essences which we only produce withe the above mentioned fragrances and

       the biological Premium alcohol.

  • The rest of the guys: Room fragrancees and Air Sprays

       These we breathe in an therefore also here only the best.