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amba soap manufactory and natural perfume erie

The amba soap manufactory and natural perfumery stands for the variety of fragrance experiences that are possible with essential oils.


Amba is the Sanskrit word for the universal ...


Amba soap manufactory has existed since 2002.

We create our products with wonderful fragrances for you in our manufactory.

We handcraft particularly high-quality products such as soaps, honey baths, sauna infusions, aftershave lotions, perfumes, air sprays, room fragrances and much more.

We only work with 100% natural essential oils and other natural raw materials.

Our products are sustainable and, with a few exceptions, vegan (in a few products we use honey and propolis and occasionally we make soap with the addition of milk).

Of course, these products are marked accordingly.

We generally do not use synthetic additives.

Our products are:

- made by hand

- mainly with raw materials from controlled organic cultivation

- only own exclusive recipes

- unique fragrance creations through the processing of high-quality,

100% pure natural essential oils


The products with our exclusive fragrance compositions can be viewed, selected and ordered directly in our online shop at any time .

Store :

Even before you step inside, your nose can hear the pleasant scents. You can expect beguiling and extraordinary fragrance creations, which are processed in a number of interesting and charming products. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Our employees will be happy to advise you and put together individually packaged presents.

Showroom / sales and manufacture:

Martin-Luther-Strasse 113, 10825 Berlin

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