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For us, sustainability is not a philosophy , but everyday life


For us, sustainability means using all resources responsibly. This means that we not only pay attention to the selection of the raw materials for the amba products, but also that the entire production chain from the manufacture of the raw materials to the packaging is sustainable (as far as possible nowadays) and that all materials used are used consciously. For us this means that we use healthy materials to the best of our knowledge and belief.

As far as possible nowadays, of course, this also means knowing where our raw materials come from and paying attention to how and by whom they are produced.


For our soaps we use oils and fats from controlled organic cultivation.

For our air sprays, sauna infusions, alcohol-based perfumes - we use organic premium alcohol - for the perfume oils we use jojobal oil from controlled organic cultivation.


The fragrances for our exclusive perfumes are made from 100% natural essential oils. This enables us to create extraordinary fragrances and to have a fragrance palette that is second to none. All fragrances are made according to our own recipes.

All perfumes are vegan and are handcrafted and bottled in our factory in Berlin-Schöneberg .

All bottles and packaging are made in Germany and, as far as possible, consist of sustainable materials that can be recycled.


We deliberately do not follow the marketing trend - producing fragrances according to masculine or feminine, women or men .

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