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Feedback on the olive oil campaign December 2016/2017

Dear Günter,
thanks to you for the nice info - for me the whole thing was a success!

It's also very nice that you get in touch again afterwards and share your success with us - you have the feeling that as a consumer you belong to something that has a value - and not just simply to consume ... That also gives us a wider sense on the “receiving side”.

Greetings Georg

Dear Dagmar, dear Günter,

thank you for the email. We are glad that we were among the lucky ones to be part of the campaign. The oil is great and I'm afraid it will run out too quickly. I will definitely be back next time!

Best regards, Eric

Good Morning,
The oil is great by the way, I am not exaggerating when I say that it is the best oil I have known so far. No bitter aftertaste at all, as I have already experienced with higher-priced organic olive oils.

Thank you, Henning

Hello Günter,

First of all, thank you very much for the olive oil promotion overall. As a responsible citizen, I have followed the events around Greece very closely in recent years.

Therefore, I was happy to be able to serve different interests at the same time with my contribution, as you write very aptly in your letter.
In principle, I am completely satisfied and I will be back next time.

So thanks again for the action

And greetings to Dagmar too

Jochen Hiemisch

Dear Günter,

At the weekend I was able to try "our" great oil from my long-time friend Hans-Peter Kraus.
What can I say - everyone present was thrilled!
I think the oil is super delicious, tastes full of olives and is really pleasantly mild! I guess I've never tried a better one ...

So I would be happy if I got something again with the next delivery. Many greetings from Freiburg
Klaus Schmökel

Hello Günter,

I still owe you the criticism of the olive oil and the college curry. It took so long to answer because not everyone has received their oil and I didn't want to rush to write.

But in short: THE OIL IS THE HAMMER! :-)
Times completely flat, everyone just thumbs up, especially from my Italian work colleague from Naples and also from his Italian mother-in-law ;-) I think that's the best award ;-)
The olive oil essence is also sweet, I gave a bit of it to friends and only praise here. Will probably go to southern Germany / Switzerland again next time some canisters.
The curry is great too, but haven't cooked with it much, but you can taste the difference.
That as a quick summary.
Kind regards from Basel,

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