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amba quality criteria

"thought clean, made clean"


We are guided by quality criteria above those

the BDIH certification.

We do not work with the standards of the BDIH

(Federation of German Industry and Trading Companies),

these are too imprecise and too transparent for us.

Some of the raw materials that are allowed according to the BDIH are not of natural origin, but purely synthetic and therefore come

out of the question for us.



  • We have been a medium-sized company for 16 years and manufacture our products by hand

  • our products are developed and sustainably produced in Germany

  • we advise individually

  • we use natural, cold-pressed oils from organic cultivation

  • we refrain from animal testing

  • our products are free from parabens, ethoxylated surfactants and emulsifiers (PEGs)

  • our products are free of silicone, paraffins, phthalates and microplastic beads

  • our products are free from genetically modified ingredients (GMO)

  • our products are lactose free

  • our products are free from aluminum salts (ACH)

  • our products are free from synthetic fragrances

  • our products are free from synthetic foaming agents

  • our products are free of synthetic dyes

  • our products are free from mineral oils

  • we declare in easily understandable German and according to the specifications of the INCI (declaration in Latin on the labels)

  • our products are vegan, no raw materials from animals or dead animals, apart from honey in a few products, no silk proteins

  • the perfumes and skin oils etc. are in glass bottles / jars.

  • we do not use nanoparticles because health risks cannot be ruled out

  • you will have extraordinary "fragrance experiences", sniffing is absolutely necessary and essential ...

  • exceptional selection of vegetable oils, vegetable fats and essential oils. Germany-wide - Europe-wide - worldwide

  • Herbs, plants and raw materials are mostly from organic farming

  • the selection criteria for the raw materials are based on ecological criteria

  • Laboratory analysis of all vegetable oils in an independent laboratory.

  • we do not use any synthetic fragrances, colors or preservatives (not even nature-identical), nor so-called food colors, which are mostly synthetic.

  • no deodorized or refined vegetable oils

  • Appealing internet shop with telephone, personal product advice.

  • Internet shop with SSL-secured order processing




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