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Extra virgin olive oil - the story

Olivenhain Zakynthos
auschließlich eine Olivensorte, heißt Koroneiki
Mehrere Generationen bewirtschaften nun schon diese wunerschönen Olivenhaine auf der Insel Zakynthos

Dear friends of what is simply well done and good taste


Always on the lookout for something special and authentic, in 2015 we met the Greek family Vossos, who live on the island of Zakynthos, a very green island with rich vegetation by Greek standards.


Georgios Vossos does what the family has done for generations

- He dedicates himself with devotion and love and the experience of several generations to the artisanal production of the finest extra virgin olive oil. As is customary, Georgios inherited the olive groves from his father.


The olive trees, which are well over 200 years old, are located on and against a mountain, at the foot of which lies the ruins of the ancient temple of the goddess Arthemis. The ground is sandstone. It is neither watered nor sprayed, so the olive trees have to cope with the climatic conditions themselves. These are the perfect conditions to be able to produce top quality olive oil.


The variety is called Koroneiki. It is the most widely cultivated variety in the region. The taste of the oil is balanced, full-bodied, strong and fruity. It is intensely green in color and unfiltered. The sediment that may form as a result is a quality feature for us - just shake it up and enjoy. The oleic acid content is a maximum of 0.5%. We use this delicate oil as a true all-rounder.


It is only harvested manually and the olives are gently pressed on the day of harvest. The oil may only be called "extra virgin" if it is processed on the same day and if the oleic acid content is below 0.8%.


After we were able to increase the order volume again last year, the third year of our campaign experiment, thanks to your enthusiasm for our olive oil, much to the delight of our producer and of course to our delight, we are very much looking forward to this year's continuation of our olive oil campaign.

This year too, Georgios will start harvesting around the middle of November in order to get a particularly good quality - the harvest usually starts 2-3 weeks later. If the olives are harvested shortly before they are fully ripe, the oil has a particularly balanced oleic acid ratio.

Olive oils of this quality class are usually offered for around 30 euros per liter and more. Due to the complex craftsmanship and the quality, such olive oils will always remain individual and limited products.

We are now again offering our olive oil in the form of a campaign in tin canisters of 3.0 liters, 5.0 liters and 18.0 liters at a special campaign price.


About the purpose of our campaign:

By omitting trade structures, buying as large a quantity as possible directly from our oil producer, low storage costs and moderate trade mark-ups, we are able to offer olive oil at a very fair price and to give our producer more than above-average pay for his work.


Finally, allow me to make a personal statement -

We consider it great luck to have met a small olive oil producer like Georgios, who is really happy to be able to inspire us with his skills and the excellent olive oil resulting from it.

And of course we would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for your great comments and your recommendations and we look forward to seeing you again and recommending us in the future.


Sincerely, your amba team

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