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frequently asked Questions

Q: Do you make your products yourself?

A: Yes, we combine our passion and our know-how for high-quality raw materials and create unique fragrance and product compositions that we process into high-quality care products from head to toe, for skin and hair.

For over 15 years we have been tinkering with our range of caring products with high-quality natural raw materials in our workshop in Schöneberg.

Q: Will soaps not made of bones?

A: Just like in the past, soaps are still partly made from animal fats (from bones and beef tallow).

However, our products are almost entirely made from vegetable raw materials.

For soap production, however, we need a lye that is composed of sodium hydroxide (lye) and water.

In principle, we do not process any animal raw materials, with the exception of organically grown honey and propolis.

You can find honey and propolis in our honey, cinnamon and honeymoon soap.

We make our honey baths from organic honey.

Q: How are the soaps made?

A: We make our soaps using the old traditional so-called "cold stir process". The fats and oils are stirred at below 40 ° C.

In our case, we process pure vegetable cold-pressed fats and oils from organic cultivation, such as coconut fat, shea butter, olive, jojoba, avocado and wheat germ oil.

The special thing about the cold-stirred process is that the ingredients of the oils retain their naturally caring properties, thus creating a very high-quality soap.

The saponification begins with the addition of caustic soda, which is only mixed with the fats after it has cooled to below 40 ° C. The result is a creamy, somewhat viscous mass.

Then the fragrances (100% natural essential oils), herbs or flowers are added and the mass is poured into a mold.

After approx. 24 hours you can cut the soap or take it out of the mold. After that the soap has to be stored for approx. During this time the water evaporates and the soap becomes hard.

We have selected the composition of the vegetable oils according to their care and washing properties, so that our soaps are beautifully foamy and creamy and, above all, very moisturizing.

Q: What makes the soaps so special?

  • our soaps are hand-made using a cold-stirred process

  • They contain high-quality, cold-pressed oils, fats and natural essential oils, predominantly from controlled organic cultivation

  • it contains neither artificial fragrances nor dyes, nor synthetic foams

  • they are free of PEGs

  • the fragrances are unique creations of our perfumer

  • the soaps are unique because the composition of the ingredients is unique

  • Our soaps are richly over-greased with high-quality cold-pressed fats, they do not dry out the skin and give it the moisture it needs

  • no need to use cream after washing

  • the soaps can be used to wash skin and hair

Q: What is the difference between shaving soap and regular soap?

Our soaps all have a nice foam. When making soap, the composition of the oils influences the formation of foam.

That is why we have put the fats in the shaving soaps together so that the shaving soap has a nice, creamy foam.

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