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College curries - the story



Meena and Arun

Meena drying the ingredients

When we were in Auroville in South India at the beginning of 2016, our friend Nils Lalleike and his wife Surya, who live in Auroville with their children, told us a story that electrified us immediately.
Renuka, who works as a fairy godmother in the family household, has two daughters who are both studying. The younger daughter, which is a rare stroke of luck in India, received a local scholarship for her studies. There was no financial means for the older daughter Bhuvana's master’s degree.
So Renuka Nils' family asked if they could give or raise money to finance the older daughter's master's degree.
Nils' family came in twos with their request in two ways. On the one hand, they wanted to support Renuka's daughter's master's degree.
On the other hand, they also know that simply giving as a foreign employer can also stir up envy in the social context of the village in which Renuka lives.
In addition, the family did not want to support Renuka's supplicant role and finance a degree for free.
Indian reality is that especially young women without a master’s degree cannot find a decently paid job - Bhuvana wants to become a university lecturer. In addition, when young women do not have a well-paying job, they are married off as early as possible. A well-paid job gives young women greater independence.
Out of this conflict, Nils and his wife Surya had the idea of ​​asking Renuka to offer her family's own curry recipe in return in order to finance their master’s degree from the sale of an authentic Indian curry.
Renuka was initially very skeptical that it would be much better than simply asking for money, because it was "just" her everyday curry mix, which is used to flavor almost every meal of the family, but finally agreed and we gave her curry recipe made available.
We have since discovered that there are many similar cases where families who want to recognize the value of education and promote their children are financially unable to do so.
"College-Curries" was born and has already grown with Meena and her eldest son Arun, who also needs further support for his master's degree.
Meena also provided us with her family's own curry recipe to finance her son's studies.
We were so enthusiastic about the idea of ​​recognizing something that families have as so valuable that you can use it to finance your children's education that we developed a marketing concept for "college curries" together with Nils and his wife Surya .
So we have set ourselves the goal of bringing India's variety of curries authentically hot on the plate to interested people in Europe and supporting Indian families with access to education and launching college curries here in the form of a campaign.
In order to guarantee the highest possible quality, we have the "college curries" produced in a herb mill in Germany according to the original recipes with ingredients from controlled organic cultivation.
You can now order the original Indian curries in a double pack here.

Indian way

Spice mill in India - ancient, but working

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