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Pay and security

How are purchases made at amba?

All purchases are processed through PayPal. PayPal is one of the most widespread and well-known payment systems on the Internet.

Why PayPal?

The main argument in favor of PayPal is buyer and seller protection. If problems arise with the sale, you as a customer can apply for PayPal buyer protection (within 40 days of the transaction) and get your money back if the problems cannot be resolved.

Do I have to register with PayPal to pay?

No, PayPal also accepts guest payments by credit card or bank debit.

To do this, after you have been redirected from our shopping cart to PayPal, select the option shown below.

And how safe is my data?

Personal data is transmitted by PayPal using a Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL). This is encrypted with 128 bits and corresponds to the state of the art.

Your account details (or credit card number) remain with PayPal only. As a seller, we only receive the delivery address from PayPal - and of course the money.

In other words, your data is very safe.

In principle, we do not pass on the data we receive from you to others.

Please also read our general terms and conditions .

And how much is it?

There are no extra fees for you as a customer. The seller is charged with the fees. PayPal keeps a small part of the transaction (purchase price + shipping costs) as commission.

PayPal is no different from other payment systems, because even if you pay with an EC card at the checkout in the supermarket or with a credit card in a department store, the processing systems retain a commission and sometimes even charge customers fees.

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