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amba - Vision-Trade Campaigns

Warum? Sinn der Sache

Why Sense of the matter

Always on the lookout for special and excellently crafted products, we looked for and visited small factories, went to trade fairs, always kept our eyes open, met people and discussed our ideas for a purchasing community platform with them. We have found wonderful people with commitment and love for their work and their products, which we would like to share with you now and in the future.

We want as many interested parties as possible to be able to afford high-quality, sustainably produced and useful products. That is why we were looking for a form that enables us to offer products and services below market prices and supports small and medium-sized companies that might otherwise remain undiscovered. If possible, we want to have an influence on what is produced and how it is produced.

Das erreichen wir

We achieve this ...

  • by creating the most direct relationships possible between us and the producers, the buying community

  • by acting as a community like a wholesaler and buying or producing larger quantities

  • by being able to pay in advance when ordering and pay our producer directly when ordering

  • by avoiding costs, eg for middlemen markups for monetary transactions (Dispo interest, unnecessary reminders) for over-production, cost of storage, etc.

Wie funktioniert das

How does it work?

We chose the form of campaigns for the implementation.

      That means:

  • We offer one or more products, the quantities and prices of which have been agreed with the producers, in the form of campaigns on our web platform

  • Minimum and maximum order quantities are specified for each order (minimum order: it makes no sense to send a single glass of pesto across the country, for example; maximum order: we want to avoid retailers using the campaigns)

  • When ordering, you pay your invoice using the payment options in our webshop, e.g. via PayPal, bank transfer etc .; Your order is valid upon receipt of your account

  • By paying in advance, you enable us to pay our suppliers immediately when ordering and not have to pre-finance the delivery.

  • All the benefits that we receive are shown 1: 1 in the offer price.

  • If we have not received enough orders by the specified end of a campaign, the campaign is deemed not to have been fulfilled and your money will be transferred back to you immediately without any deductions. The easiest way to do this is to use payment systems such as PayPal.

  • If more orders are received than we can serve, we will deliver in the order in which they were received or, as far as possible, we will order a correspondingly larger batch from our supplier.

  • In the case of multiple orders in different campaigns or bulk orders, we put the delivery together in such a way that the lowest shipping costs are incurred.

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