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amba quality

All amba products are natural products according to the rules of art

and made with love.

"thought clean, cleansed"

We pay special attention to the quality of our raw materials.

We process high-quality vegetable raw materials, which mainly come from controlled organic cultivation.

Of course we do not test our products on animals. The only animal products

that we process are honey and other bee products for honey baths, honeymoon and honey-cinnamon soap.

amba products are made by hand from renewable raw materials.

We only process vegetable oils / fats and organic premium alcohol

as the basis for our products.

Of course, we only use 100% natural essential oils as fragrances.

We design and create all recipes ourselves.

So it goes without saying that they definitely have to stay outside:

  • synthetic fragrances

  • synthetic foaming agents

  • synthetic dyes

  • Paraffins, silicones etc.

  • Mineral oils

  • PEG's - polyethylene glycol

  • Microplastics

      Our raw materials and products:

We only use vegetable oils for soap production,

that are cold-pressed and come from controlled organic cultivation.

We make an exception for olive oil in the following cases:

When we know the olive oil grower and know that the olives are not treated, but there is no organic certificate (which is usually not available at small olive oil growers for cost reasons).

All of our products are flavored exclusively with 100% pure natural essential oils.

Why only essential oils?

- because they are obtained from fruits, parts of plants or flowers,

So vivid, pure natural products and the "soul of the plants" are

- because scents correspond directly to our limbic system and our nervous system should not be unnecessarily irritated by artificial "messages".

  • The alcohol

We use for our sauna infusions, room fragrances,

Airsprays, perfumes, aftershave lotions etc. exclusively organic premium alcohol

without synthetic denaturants (denaturing means making it undrinkable).

The honey for the amba wellness honey baths comes from controlled organic cultivation.

Since a sauna session is intended to promote our health in a special way, it is particularly important here to use only natural and high-quality infusions.

We guarantee this with our sauna infusions, which are only made with the above-mentioned pure natural essential oils and organic premium alcohol.

We breathe them in too, so according to the amba purity law, only the best here:

Organic premium alcohol, water and essential oils.

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